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12V to 24V 15A DC-DC Boost Buck Car Converter

This is an industrial-grade buck-boost automotive converter with power conversion efficiency over 90%, 100% waterproof and shock-proof protection, small and lightweight, and easy to install.

Widely used in different industries. Commonly used in automobiles, electric power, monitoring systems, railway signals and other fields.

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Description Model WH-B2415
Rated Output Power (W) 360W
Rated Input Voltage (V) 12VDC
Rated Output Voltage (V) 24VDC
Input Voltage range (V) 10V-16VDC
Starting Voltage (V) 10VDC  100﹪load
No-load Power Consumption (W) < 0.15W
Efficiency 93%
Output Voltage (V) VOUT: 24VDC
Current (A) 10A
Voltage Tolerance 1.5%
Load Regulation 3%
Wave (MVP-p) 300mv External 22UF capacitor ESR < 0. 1 Ω 100KHZ
Protection Over Current Protection In the case of rated output, if the rated current is greater than 120%, the overcurrent protection will act, and it will automatically recover after the overcurrent disappears.
Short Circuit Protection Input must add 25A fuse
Insulation Input-Output non-isolated
Waterproof Fully sealed and waterproof
Others Dimension 74*74*32mm
Cooling Method Natural Method
Rated Temperature rise (℃) 45℃
Reliability >100000h
Wire Indicator Input Positive (Red),Input/Output Negative (Black),Output Positive (Yellow) Length=160mm± 10mm □

● Industrial grade 24VDC to 12VDC boost-buck car converters is widely used in different industries due to their reliability and efficiency. Commonly used in automobiles, electric power, monitoring systems, railway signals, and other fields.

● The Boost-buck car converter has a power conversion efficiency of over 90%.

● The Boost-buck Car Converter is equipped with a range of protection functions for voltage, current, temperature, and short circuits.

● This Boost-buck Car Converter is largely utilized in vehicles, security systems, telecommunications, medical equipment, instrumentation, etc.

● Boost-buck automotive converter with 100% water and shock protection

● Boost-buck car converters are significantly smaller and lighter than other models

● The Boost-buck Car Converter will automatically reset itself once the device has resumed functioning as normal.

● This Boost-buck Car Converter in-vehicle converter is more dependable and trustworthy

● The installation of a buck-boost in-vehicle converter is very simple

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