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DC/DC switch power supply with CE ROHS approved 15w transformer

The WEHO SD-15 series is a DC-to-DC switching power supply that uses copper coil transformers.

Each installation is safe and the power supply driver is designed with strong filter magnetic ring capacitors.

The power is larger, so the WEHO SD-15 is perfect for applications that require more power.

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Model SD-15-05 SD-15-12 SD-15-24
Output DC Voltage 5V 12V 24V
Rated Current 3A 1.25A 0.625A
Current Range 0~3A 0~1.25A 0~0.625A
Rated Power 15W 15W 15W
Ripple & Noise(max) Note.2 100mVp-p 120mVp-p 150mVp-p
VOLTAGE ADJ.Range 4.75~5.5VDC 10.5~13.2VDC 21.6~25.4VDC
Voltage Tolerance Note.3 ±2.0% ±1.0% ±1.0%
Line Regulation ±0.5% ±0.3% ±0.2%
Load Regulation ±0.5% ±0.3% ±0.2%
Setup, Rise, Hold-up Time 2.5s, 25ms ,…..12VDC/24VDC/48VDC at full load
Input Voltage Range A: 9.2~18VDC  B: 18~36VDC  C:36~72VDC
Efficiency(Typ.) 68% 76% 75% 72% 76% 79% 70% 77% 78%
DC Current(Typ.) 1.9A/12VDC          0.9A/24VDC      0.45A/48VDC
Protection Over-load 105~160% Rated output power
Protection type: Hiccup mode, recovers automatically after fault condition is removed
Over Voltage 5.75~6.75V 13.8~16.2V 27.6~32.4V
Protection type: shut down o/p voltage,re-power on to recover
Environment Working Temp ~10~+60°C (Refer to output load derating curve)
Working Humidity 20~90%RH non-condensing
Storage Temp, Humidity ~20~+85°C , 10~95%RH
Temp Coefficient ±0.03%/°C (0~50°C)
Vibration 10~500HZ , 2G 10min./1cycle, 60min. Each along the X, Y, and Z axes
Safety & EMC (Note4) Withstand Voltage I/P~O/P: 2KVAC   I/P-FG: 1KVAC   O/P-FG: 0.5KVAC
Isolation Resistance I/P~O/P, I/P~FG, O/P~FG:100M Ohms/500VDC/25°C/70% RH
EMI Conduction & Radiation Compliance to EN55022 (CISPR22) CLASS B
EMS Immunity Compliance to EN61000-4-2, 3, 4, 6, 8: ENV50204, EN55024, light industry level, criteria A
Others Dimension 78*51*28mm(L*W*H)
Packing 0.18kg, 60 PCS/11.8kg

This product has the material advantage of being compatible with all switching power supplies.

We use pure copper materials in our power inductors, main transformers, and IC transformers to keep the power supply running efficiently and reduce costs.

We are a power supply manufacturer with 15 years of experience.

WEHO stocks 150,000 sets of commonly used models, ensuring quick delivery.

The product’s operating temperature range is: -10′ C- +50′ C

This product has a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces and can be customized with labels.

This product has a universal AC input that is full range (up to 264VAC).

The product has completed the 100% full load aging test

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