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WEHO strives to provide a supportive environment where staff are comfortable coming together and freely talking about ideas, sharing their knowledge and experience.

Meet the People Behind WEHO

Teamwork is the core of our company at WEHO. Our team is a talented, close-knit group, united with a unified desire to deliver amazing results for our clients, as well as foster an enjoyable, inclusive workplace. We pride ourselves in our diversity and equal opportunity: each member’s unique talents and perspectives lead to solutions that are truly groundbreaking.

We’ve assembled an excellent team: we now have more than 10 people in the sales department. We are committed to providing our clients with personalized service and advice regarding switching power supplies, while also acting as a customer-focused partner. Our mission is to act as a bridge between you and your requirements solutions, with one ultimate goal in mind: to consistently provide superior service.

Our team strives to create an atmosphere where everyone can collaborate together and reach their full potential. If you’re curious to learn more about us, we invite you to browse through our profiles — you can find information on backgrounds and interests here!

Our Management Team

Sara yu Our Team

Sara Yu


● 15 years of experience in overseas trading.
● 13 years of working experience in power supply.
● 13 years in WEHO Switching power supply.

Annie Yu Our Team

Annie Yu


● 14 years of experience in overseas trading.
● 14 years in WEHO Switching power supply.
● Has good comprehensive management ability.

Sales Team

Jenny Yu Our Team

Jenny Yu

Sales engineer

Ada-Zhang Our Team

Ada Zhang

Sales engineer

Ava Wu Our Team

Ava Wu

Sales engineer

Dennis Zhu Our Team

Dennis Zhu

Sales engineer

Evan-Xu Our Team

Evan Xu

Sales engineer

Fiona-Wang Our Team

Fiona Wang

Sales engineer

Jessica-Zheng Our Team

Jessica Zheng

Sales engineer

Rachear Wu Our Team

Rachear Wu

Sales engineer

Roby-Zhao Our Team

Roby Zhao

Sales engineer

Our Team Yong-Zhu

Yong Zhu

Sales engineer

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