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WEHO is a global leader in power supply design and manufacture, leading the industry with rugged, space-saving solutions built to withstand harsh environments. With world-class engineering capabilities and manufacturing excellence, our Yueqing headquarters serves customers from a variety of industrial markets around the world.

Who We Are

Since 2007, Zhejiang WEHO Electronics Co., Ltd.(ZHEJIANG WEIHAO ELECTRONIC CO., LTD) has been committed to providing the highest quality products, such as switching power supplies and LED drivers. Our logo “WeHo” is derived from the combination of “we” meaning “you and us,” and Ho being Chinese for best – effectively meaning we strive to provide the best service possible. The red color symbolizes leap, enthusiasm, brilliance, and strength – all qualities for which we stand for and uphold.

We excel in R&D, producing over 1,000 variations of power supplies from Enclosed switching power supply to Waterproof power supply series to DC-DC and even UPS power supplies.

Over the years, WEHO has worked hard to create reliable partnerships with customers, suppliers, contractors and employees through good-faith practices. As a result, we’ve developed strong relationships with customers from all around the world such as United States, Russia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada and more. In addition to establishing agencies in international countries and regions – our inland sales network stretches across many provinces and cities domestically. Our team offers professional technical support for all of our customers along with after-sales service whenever it’s needed.


At our business, we’re dedicated to fostering an environment of open collaboration. Our staff feel safe and encouraged to share their ideas and work together to benefit the business and push progress forward. We believe that by bringing people together, we can develop better strategies for a successful long-term outlook.

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Our Certificates

Our company implement 6S management that is strictly followed and we are devoted to providing quality service. Moreover, we boast a wide range of international certifications that demonstrate our commitment to achieving the highest standards in the industry.

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Our History

For over a decade and a half, WEHO has specialized in engineering durable industrial power supplies to meet the demands of challenging environments. Through our vast knowledge and experience in this field, we offer clients superior service with an array of custom, semi-custom and off-the-shelf high reliability power supply products. Investing in WEHO means investing in industry-leading innovation.

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Factory and Production Equipment

WEHO has a strong team of over 100 employees and is built on 10 million in capital. The factory encompasses 6600 square meters, equipped with advanced instruments such as soldering machines and transformer comprehensive testers. To guarantee that all manufactured results are of superior quality, the company has made sizable investments in capital.

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Excellent Service

WEHO Customer Service is here to help you with your every need. We are available to answer questions related to outstanding orders, return policies, delivery times, and more. Our manufacturing facilities offer solutions tailored to our customer’s specific industries. No matter the problem, we are ready to help you out.

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Excellent Service

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