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2 In 4/6 Out 3 in 6/9 out Push-in Conductor Terminal Block

The Push-in Terminal we offer is designed with supreme durability in mind, made from PA66 and ABS materials. With a compact size, these terminals are easy to install and store for future use.

Our Push-in Terminals are perfect for a range of wire connections including multi-pin plugs, universal connectors, and terminal blocks with tie rods.

The Push-in Terminal’s compact design means they can be easily installed in tight spaces and are also suitable for use in high-density applications.

This makes them an ideal solution for use in an array of electrical applications, including lighting fixtures, industrial control panels, and household appliances.

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Model Material Rated Current Voltage Wire Range Stripping Length Inputs Outputs
A.W.G (mm²) inch (mm)
NC-422/623 Series PA/PC 32A 250V 28-12 0.08-4.0 43 11 2 4/6
NC-633/933 Series PA / / 3 6/9


The Conductor Push-in Terminal Block is an electrical component used for connecting and securing electrical conductors in a wiring system.

Input: 2 In 4/6

This indicates that the terminal block has the capacity to accept two electrical conductors as input. The “4/6” likely refers to the size or gauge of the conductors that can be accommodated, with a range from 4 AWG (American Wire Gauge) to 6 AWG.

Output: 3 In 6/9 Out

This suggests that the terminal block has three output terminals where conductors can be connected. Similar to the input, the “6/9” likely denotes the size or gauge of conductors that can be used for output, ranging from 6 AWG to 9 AWG.

This terminal block appears to have two input terminals capable of accepting conductors ranging from 4 AWG to 6 AWG, and three output terminals that can accommodate conductors ranging from 6 AWG to 9 AWG.

The “Push-in” feature likely refers to the method of inserting and securing the conductors into the terminal block, which typically involves a simple push-in mechanism to establish electrical connections without the need for additional tools.

Push-in Terminal Size

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