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Factory supply PVC terminal ends BV1.25 BV2 BV5.5 Insulated butt connectors

Copper-tinned conductors feature exceptional electrical conductivity.

The PVC sheath adds protection against the elements and offers good insulation.

These cables come in a variety of colors including red, yellow, and blue to meet your aesthetic needs.

These cables can be used in a range of situations, such as household appliances, distribution boxes, machine shops etc.

They are boxed and lightweight for easy transport and installation. This intermediate terminal is completely insulated and crafted from PVC.

Its design offers superior protection against electric shock and external hazards.

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parameter details

Model Color Size Wiring Range Carrying current
L D d1 A.W.G (mm²)
BV 1.25 Red 25 4.3 1.9 22-16 0.5-1.5 10A
BV 2 Blue 25 4.8 2.3 16-14 1.5-2.5 15A
BV 5.5 Yellow 25 6.3 4.3 12-10 4.0-6.0 24A

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