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12V 24V Power Supply 300W Ultra Thin Small Size LED Driver

LED Driver: Specifically designed to drive LED lights, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

Wide Input Voltage Range: Compatible with multiple input voltages, providing flexibility for different electrical systems.

Safety Features: Built-in overload protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection and other protection functions to ensure safety and prevent damage.

Certification: Meet safety and performance standards such as CE, RoHS or UL to meet regulatory requirements.

Cooling Mechanism: Effective cooling, which may include built-in fans or passive cooling methods to regulate temperature and prevent overheating.

Durable Construction: Made of durable materials to withstand environmental conditions and ensure a longer lifespan.

12V 24V power supply 300W ultra-thin small-size LED driver – WL-36W Series

WL-36W Series – The 12V 24V power supply 300W ultra thin small-size LED driver has an output power of 300 watts and supports 12V and 24V output, making it suitable for a variety of LED setups. The ultra-slim design allows for easy installation in tight spaces and offers features such as high efficiency, safety protection (e.g. overload, short circuit, temperature protection) and potential dimming compatibility. It is used for LED commercial lighting, such as in restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, airports, and etc. It can also be used for LED light strips, LED light drivers, and LED wine cabinet lights, etc.

Key Advantages:

Dual Voltage Compatibility:

The power supply supports 12V and 24V, providing flexibility for connecting different types of LED lighting systems.

High Power Output:

Rated at 300W, this power supply can handle large loads and is suitable for driving multiple LED lights or high-power LED fixtures.


Modern LED drivers typically have high efficiency ratings, meaning they convert the majority of their input power into usable output power, thus reducing energy waste and heat generation.


LED drivers are critical to the proper operation and longevity of your LED lighting system. A reliable power source helps ensure stable and consistent performance of the connected LED lights.

Short-circuit and overload protection:

Built-in protection mechanisms such as short-circuit and overload protection prevent damage caused by electrical faults, thereby enhancing the safety of connected LED devices.

Thermal features:

Some power supplies come with efficient heat dissipation mechanisms, such as aluminum casings or cooling fans, to ensure the device operates within a safe temperature range.

Wide input voltage range:

The ability to accept a wide range of input voltages enhances the power supply’s compatibility with various electrical systems and ensures stability in different environments.

Low Ripple and Noise:

The low ripple and noise output helps improve the overall quality of the power supply by providing a clean, stable electrical signal to the connected LED light, which is important for applications requiring precise lighting control.

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Model 12V 300W 24V 300W
Output Rated Voltage 12V 24V
Rated Current 20A 11A
Output Voltage Range 11.7-12.1V 23.8-24.3V
Rated Power 300W 300W
Efficiency >88% >90%
Ripple And Noise <180mV <180mV
Load Adjustment Rate 1%
Liner Adjustment Rate 1%
Input Input Voltage Range 110~265V AC
AC Input Current 2.8A 230V
PF Value >0.65
Frequency Range 50-60Hz
Cold Start Current 40A/230VAC
Power Protection If the voltage exceeds 105% of the rated output power, the circuit will automatically reduce the output voltage.
Short Circuit Protection In hiccup mode, it can resume normal operation once the abnormal condition has been rectified.
Environment Operating Temperature, Humidity -40℃~ +70℃   20%~90%RH
Storage Temperature, Humidity -40℃~85℃   10%~95%RH
Safety Regulations Withstand Voltage Performance I/P-O/P: AC2.5KV  5mA 60S;
I/P-FG: AC2KV 5mA 60S
Insulation Impedance I/P-O/P: 100M ohms/500VDC/25℃
Packing Product Dimension 187*60*27mm
N.W 0.45kg
Amount/G.W/Dimension 55PCS/24kg/460*340*185mm

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