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PV12/1 DC combiner box

PV12/1 DC combiner box bus synthesizes DC, input 12 PV modules to 1 output. Each channel is equipped with a fuse.

Lightning protection and circuit breakers are installed on the output side. This realizes not only lightning protection, short-circuits protection, and grounding protection, but also makes the input wiring of DC power distribution cabinets and inverters simpler.

There are two types of photovoltaic combiner boxes: smart boxes and non-smart boxes.

The intelligent photovoltaic combiner box is equipped with a monitoring unit. The monitoring unit is responsible for detecting the “input current”, “internal temperature”, “lightning protection status”, “circuit breaker status” and “summary output voltage” of each string.

Advantages of PV12/1 DC combiner box

  • It is highly reliable.
  • This DC combiner box comes with a DC fuse.
  • With a DC Surge protection device
  • With a DC circuit breaker or DC load isolation switch
  • PV12/1 DC combiner box has IP65 waterproof, dustproof, UV-proof design.
  • PV12/1 DC combiner boxes have been widely used after undergoing rigorous testing in both high and low temperatures.
  • The DC combiner box is easy to install and easy to connect to the system
  • This DC combiner box is made of metal materials such as cold-rolled steel plates
  • The configuration of the DC combiner box is very flexible

Used for single-crystal silicon solar modules, polycrystalline silicon solar modules, and thin film solar modules. The current rating of the photovoltaic fuse, circuit breaker, and load isolation switch is modified

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