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PV4/2 DC combiner box

PV4/2 combiner box is suitable for inverter (MAX input voltage DC550V/DC1000V, 4 PV input channels, 2 output channels, single MPPT inverter).

Box body is made of PVC engineering materials, with tests for fire retardant, temperature rise, anti-impact, anti-ultraviolet, and another testing. IP65 protection grade.

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Advantages of PV4/2 DC combiner box

  • High Reliability
  • With DC fuse
  • With a DC Surge protection device
  • With a DC circuit breaker or DC load isolation switch
  • IP65 waterproof, dustproof, UV-proof design.
  • PV4/2 DC combiner boxes have been widely used after undergoing rigorous testing in both high and low temperatures.
  • THE PV4/2 DC combiner box is easy to install, and the system wiring is straightforward.
  • PV4/2 DC combiner box is made of cold-rolled steel and other metal materials.
  • PV4/2 DC combiner boxes are highly adaptable in configuration.

Used for single-crystal silicon solar modules, polycrystalline silicon solar modules, and thin film solar modules. The current rating of the photovoltaic fuse, circuit breaker, and load isolation switch is modified

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