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Led Lighting

LED Lighting

The lighting of buildings has been used for partial and single-color lighting of residential buildings. Till now, it is widely used in the large-area lighting on skyscrapers. The international metropolis is full of buildings, large public buildings, and bridges with decorative lighting projected on them. In contrast with partial building decorative lighting that was used for residence or public buildings in the past, nowadays building decorative lighting has to cover a much wider area and the color temperature of the lamp is colorful. And at present, the usage of LED strips has been quite common and stable. Many indoor indirect lighting or outdoor decorative lighting used LED DC 12V or 24V light strips.WEHO provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting LED drivers. Currently, WEHO offers the maximum3000W for indoor application and 400W for the outdoor waterproof application. All products are in compliance with safety regulations and full voltage input, which is suitable for any engineering project.