LPV Series Plastic Waterproof Power Supply

Most LED products have built-in drivers to power them. For those that don’t, we offer a range of plastic power units to suit every need.

WeHo’s LPV series is specially designed for LED lighting or LED related applications. Ranging from 10W to 100W, the LPV Series Plastic Waterproof Power Supply in our catalogue offer a variety of options for your outdoor LED lighting projects.

Plastic power supplies provide low temperatures when in use. They are 100% full load burn-in tested to ensure maximum safety. All plastic power supply units are IP67 rated. The IP67-rated enclosure enables outdoor use without fear of moisture or dust damaging the system. With fully encapsulated IP67 protection, the LPV series can be used in indoor or outdoor projects such as outdoor signage or street lighting.

In addition, the LPV series provide short-circuit protection, overload protection, and stable output voltage, giving you peace of mind at all times.