MDR Series Mini Din Rail Power Supply

The MDR series is a slim DIN rail Class I switching power supply. Designed with a fully isolated plastic housing to prevent user contact and risk of electric shock.

The efficiency of MDR Series Mini Din Rail Power Supply is as high as 88%. Low heat loss preserves all components in the control cabinet and reduces energy costs. The higher the efficiency, the smaller the device can be made. Building on this, WEHO offers a portfolio of power supplies with universally space-saving and compact housings.

During application, special loads such as brake motors or inductors can feedback voltage to the power supply. WEHO power supplies are resistant to these so-called power feedbacks and will not fail. Due to the appropriately sized output capacitors, the power supply unit is particularly suitable for motion applications.

WEHO offers a wide range of DIN rail power supplies for industrial, automation, process control and test/measurement applications. Our products deliver the performance and field life you expect from a market leader in industrial power supplies.