D.T.Q Series Multiple Output Power Supply

If you’re tired of noise in your signal chain and want to make sure your carefully selected pedals are getting consistent current for their optimal performance, the D.T.Q series Multiple output power supply is your first choice.

Many electronic applications require multiple voltages to power their various internal circuits. From fans and motors to logic and processing, voltages range from 48 V or more to 1 V or less. Rather than using separate power supplies or DC-DC converters for each of these power rails, it may be advantageous to use a single power supply with multiple outputs. This can save time, space and money in some applications.

WEHO D.T.Q series features low noise and BF ready isolation. This series is certified for medical and industrial safety. They are ideal for a variety of applications. The D.T.Q series can be configured in various combinations and up to 4 outputs.