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How to Choose a WeHo Power Supply?

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How to Choose a WeHo Power   Supply?  title=

When looking for a WeHo power supply for LED lighting it is easy to get lost in the many different options available. First, it is a good idea to know the specific needs of your project. Often, power supplies are wrongly chosen for an LED project which leads to failure. In order to cut out any issues use the quick checklist below when looking for an LED power Supply.

What to consider before selecting a power supply?

How will I connect my power supply?

A simple outlet plug or directly wiring into AC lines?

Will the power supply fit in the desired space?

Make sure to check the size of the unit to make sure you have room for it.

Can I use a power supply outdoors or in a damp area?

Luckily there are many Waterproof power supplies and drivers, just look for the IP65 rating!

Do I want to be able to dim my LED lights?

If dimming is needed, make sure to choose a power source that has dimming capabilities.

Lastly, does my application require any other functions?

Examples: PFC, Over voltage protection, Over temperature protection, UL recognized, etc.

If you are unfamiliar with how LED power supplies operate and their specifications, the best place to start is at our first post in this series – LED Power Supplies 101.

When looking for both an LED driver and power supply brand to trust, look no further than WeHo. With a failure rate at less than .02% in 2016, WeHo has continued to make some of the most reliable power supplies in the world. After completing the checklist above and knowing what you are looking for, check out the options below!

WeHo Power Supply and Driver Catalog

This quick selection guide will go through the many categories and options offered by WeHo . If you are still unsure about your LEDs properties then you need to check the power input that your LED needs. If there is any confusion it is good to backtrack and find your LEDs properties and whether you need constant voltage or constant current supply.

LED Constant Voltage Power Supplies

Does your LED require 12 volts DC or an alternate DC voltage? Are you unsure of how to power your LEDs when common household electricity is AC voltage? What you will need is a standard AC to DC switching power supply, taking AC line voltage and outputting a constant DC voltage. There are power supplies that plug straight into a wall receptacle or units that wire directly into the main AC lines.  WeHo offers a variety of output voltages, so when working with a pre-built LED lamp that needs a certain constant voltage, look for the rated input power needed and you are good to go. A good example of a product needing a constant DC voltage would be our 12V LED flex strips.

Constant Voltage Power Supplies


Enclosed type switching power supplies possess a metal or plastic case for covering their internal PCB and will be installed inside the case of the end system. enclosed  type power supplies include 2 different groups of power supplies, with built‐in fan and without built‐in fan, depending on their rated power or design concept.

WeHo S series Single output Power Supply

How to Choose a WeHo Power   Supply?  title=





S series Single output Power Supply is the 1st generation series with standard dimension ,In S series Single output Power Supply , a specific DC output is obtained from a 120VAC or 240VAC input using a combination of transformers, diodes and transistors.  S series is  available for a broad range of application of industrial   and Led  They are an excellent choice when you require a highly stable output .

Featuring a diverse range of models up to10-3000 W, and high-performance as well as general types, you can find best solution for nearly every requirement.

1st generation series

Standard dimension

±10% input range

Protections: short circuit/over current/over voltage/over temperature/ fan failure


WeHo LRS Series Slim Type Power Supply

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The LRS is a single-output enclosed type power supply that sits at just 30mm tall. This low-profile design easily mounts into any application ranging from a simple project to a complex industrial application.

LRS power supplies provide output power of 35W, 50W, 75W, 100W, 150W, 200W, and 350W 400W  feature overcurrent/overvoltage and short-circuit protection. Operating temperatures vary by size and operate at an altitude of up to 5000m. The metal casing aids in creating natural cooling to ensure heat dissipation. The LRS-350 400 series includes a built-in fan to reduce power losses which results from excess heat. Connections are made by screw-in terminals, making it easy to connect all of your ports. Mounting holes are available to securely mount the power supplies.

Non-PFC,most economical models

Ultra thin and 1U low profile(30mm height)

No load power consumption: 0.2W~0.75W


WeHo MS Series Mini Type Power Supply

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MS Series Mini Type Power Supply is a smaller size power supply on the basis of S sieres  It can be Stable operation in severe installation,such as those with high ambient temperaturea and humidity,or large vibration or those with unstable input voltages

Most compact design

Complete protections

High efficiency up to 91%

Suitable for LED street lighting and outdoor LED lighting


WeHo D.T.Q Series multiple output power supply

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AC/DC  multi-output Power supplies are standard models that offer the most cost-effective option when multiple voltages are required.They come in Open Frame or Enclosed / Vented case in dual, triple or multi-output and are aimed We offer a wide selection of   D.T.Q  series that are available  multiple output supply that can be configured into  many combinations and up to  4 outputs.

They are highly flexible and compact, fanless power supplies ideal   It offers extreme flexibility

D=Dual output,T=Triple output ,Q=Quad output  30-200W

WeHo SP Series With PFC function Power supply

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The SP Series from  WeHo are a range of enclosed power supply units featuring universal AC input and built-in power factor correction (PFC). The series ranges from 75 ~ 240W and includes built-in protections: short circuit, overload, over voltage and over temperature, either cooling by free air convection (SP-75 / SP-100 / SP-150) or cooling via built-in DC fan (SP-200 / SP-240)Series options: SP-75, SP-100, SP-150, SP-200, SP-240 SP-320 SP-500 PSP-600

Built-in active PFC function

Full range input, complete functions

2 years warranty


 WeHo SD series DC-DC Power Supply

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The SD series is a range of switch-mode DC/DC converters.

These converters are dedicated to the supply of electric and electronic equipment.Their dimensions and weight allow easy maintenance.

They are available in a power range 15 to 200 W.

DC Input DC Output

-30~+70℃ working temperature

package with international standard

WeHo Led Driver

The LED power supply is a dedicated LED driving device that delivers a constant current/voltage or generates an adjustable current controlled by an external dimmer to LEDs. Depending on its types or design concept, some of them not only have PFC capability but also can be located in a harsh environment such as dusty, humid places.  LED power supplies include metal case, plastic case, and PCB types.

WeHo LPV Series Waterproof Power Supply

How to Choose a WeHo Power   Supply?  title=





The LPV series from WeHo are single output power supplies designed specifically for LED lighting or LED related applications. With fully encapsulated IP67 protection the LPV unit can be used with indoor or outdoor projects such as outdoor signage or street lighting.  metal case  enclosure makes the LPV series a highly reliant and durable power supply that is highly efficient and long lasting.

IP67 rated case allows for extensive use outdoors without worrying about moisture or dust harming the system.

This power supply is one of the most popular 12V power supplies for LED strip applications either outdoors or in damp locations.

Constant voltage design

Aluminium case IP67

Suitable for outdoor LED lighting and moving sign applications


WeHo LPV Series Plastic Waterproof Power Supply

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The  WeHo  LPV power supply series is a fantastic AC to DC converter for delivering constant voltage in wet and dusty environments. This 20-100W LED power supply operates off line voltage (90-264VAC) and delivers constant voltages from 5-48VDC depending on your selection.The 20 to 60 Watt models qualify as Class 2 power units is offered in a slim, butterstick design .

Constant voltage design

IP67/IP65 design for indoor or outdoor installations

Plastic case


WeHo Din Rail Power Supply

The special feature of DIN rail power supplies is their type of mounting, to which they owe their name.  DIN Rail Power Supplies install on metal standard DIN rail, commonly used for mounting circuit breakers and industrial control equipment inside industrial equipment. These power supplies come in varying Voltage and Wattages to ensure that the product offering fulfills all of your needs. With a high reliability and compact size, they are an excellent choice for any space-critical applications where a mountable AC-DC converter is required. This power supply also contains a universal AC input and a short circuit, overload, and over voltage protection. Additionally, LED Indicators on the power supply indicates output voltage status.   This device also operates in extended temperatures from -20°- 70° C. We offer large selection of DIN Rail Power supplies for automation, industrial and process control applications.

WeHo DR Series Din rail Power Supply

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The DR series of power supplies provides a reliable DC power source for any industrial control system. These economical and reliable power supplies for industrial devices (PLCs, stepper drives, sensors, switches) are designed for use in harsh industrial environments. Combining rugged, compact enclosures, incorporating all international standards and approvals, and offering short-circuit, over-load, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection, the DR series makes your power supply choice a simple one. These high quality power supplies have passed a 100% full load burn-in test and CE marked. Models are available with output ratings from 15 to 480W, with 5V/12V/24V /48V dc output. Customers can choose from a full range of input voltages (85 to 264 Vac and 120 to 370 Vdc compatible) making the DR series unbeatable.

Plastic case/Metal Case

Din rail type Assemble on industrial rail TS-35 / 7.5 or 15

Suitable for building automation and control of household appliance


WeHo MDR Series Mini Din rail Power Supply

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MDR Series is a slim line DIN rail Class I switching power supply. Designed with a fully isolated plastic case to prevent user contact and the risk of shock. Featuring up to 88% efficiency this series can be cooled using only free air convection up to 60°C which significantly increases the reliability and lifetime of the power supply. Other standard features include its low no load power consumption, to save energy, short circuit, over load and over voltage protections and DC OK relay contact with LED indicator for monitoring the PSU status.

full range input

DC output voltage adjustable

DC OK signal output (MDR-10/20)

DC OK relay contact (MDR-40/60/100)



Security power supplies has a primary output, there is a charger output with a smaller rated current, enabling the backup power supply application for security access systems.security power supplies also come with safety features like short circuit, over voltage and over load protections. Optional features are available for UPS versions, including a battery with low protection and alarm signals.

WeHo SC series for Battery Charger power supply

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The Smart Charger (SC) battery charger models provide plenty of different output versions for all kinds of batteries . Several optional features are also available to fulfill all customer needs.

SC is a “switch on and forget” charger. SC ensures the best possible results in all conditions – even when one is using the charger from a badly adjusted AC power source.

With UPS function (need external batteries)

Suitable for security industry or battery backup systems


WeHo AD Series UPS Power Supply

How to Choose a WeHo Power   Supply?  title=




AD Series UPS Power Supply  all have the capability to charge batteries, whilst delivering power to the load at the same time.Should the AC power fail, then the power supply will supply to the load from the charged batteries.

WeHo power supplies which incorporate this UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) functionality are referred to by WeHo as  our  ‘security series’. To make it easier for you to find these power supplies on our website we prefer to call them AD Series UPS Power Supply .

With UPS function (need external batteries) for AD series

Suitable for security industry or battery backup systems

55W 155W

WeHo Trouble Shooting and Support

With a wide range of new products and variations, we expect that you will have more questions. As I said earlier, we have a full team of tech and sales associates that are well trained on WeHo products and would be happy to guide you to the one for your lighting setup. What’s even better is you can call, order, and it will be on the way to you all within a day. Let us be your helpful and speedy WeHo LED power solutions provider.