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LED Driver IP67 10W-300W


WeHo offer a variety of IP67 waterproof rated AC to DC LED power supplies with different power output ratings for your outdoor LED lighting projects. WEHO LPV series Waterproof Power Supply provides constant voltage in wet and dusty environments.These 20-100W LED power supplies operate on off-line voltage (90-264VAC). Provides a constant voltage of 12-110VDC according to your choice. All waterproof power supplies are dust-tight and do not require cooling fans. This means they can also be used in indoor applications where dust or fan noise may be an issue.WEHO can provide standard waterproof led power supply products to meet your requirements. Customer satisfaction means our success.

item OutPut(DC) Item size Weight PC/CTNS Input AC
12V 24V (mm) (kg) (pcs) (V)
LPV-10W 0.83A 1.6A 182*30*20 0.2 80 100V-240V
LPV-15W 1.3A 0.7A 182*30*20 0.2 80 100V-240V
LPV-20W 1.67A 0.84A 182*30*20 0.2 80 100V-240V
LPV-30W 2.5A 1.25A 222*30*20 0.25 80 100V-240V
LPV-50W 4.2A 2.1A 190*48*38 0.52 30 100V-240V
LPV-60W 5A 2.5A 190*48*38 0.52 30 100V-240V
LPV-60W 5.0A 2.5A 183*71*47 0.97 18 100V-240V
LPV-100W 8.5A 4.5A 185*69*43 0.9 18 100V-240V
LPV-150W 12.5A 6.5A 240*69*43 1.2 18 110/220V
LPV-150W 12.5A 6.5A 230*122*60 2.8 9 110/220V
LPV-200W 16.5A 8.3A 240*69*43 1.2 18 110/220V
LPV-200W 16.5A 8.3A 230*122*60 2.8 9 110/220V
LPV-250W 20A 10A 230*122*60 2.8 9 110/220V
LPV-300W 20A 10A 230*122*60 2.8 9 110/220V

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