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TX4 Series TX4-W Economic Dual Display PID Temperature Controller

TX4 series economic four-digit dual display PID temperature controller has 100ms high-speed sampling period and ±0.5% display accuracy, can independently switch relay contacts or SSR drive output, and the upper limit configuration has two alarm outputs.

New ℉ or ℃ temperature unit switching function and indication on the panel.

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TX4- S DIN W48 × H48mm Open hole W45 × H48mm
H DIN W48 × H96mm Open hole W45 × H92mm
W DIN W96 × H48mm Open hole W92 × H45mm
M DIN W72 × H72mm Open hole W68 × H68mm
L DIN W96 × H96mm Open hole W92 × H92mm
Power Supply 100-240VAC/DC  24VAC/DC
Allowable Voltage Range 90-110%of rated voltage
Power Consumption ≤8VA
Input Type TC K E J N T S R B
RTD Pt100 Cu50
Display Accuracy ±0.5%
Output Type Relay 250VAC~3A
30VDC = 3A1NO 1NC
SSR 12VDC-±2V, ≤20mA
Alarm Output Relay AL1/2: 250VAC~3A 1NO
Control Type ON/OFF, PID Control
Sampling Period 100mS
Relay Life Cycle Mechanical ≥2,500,000 operations
Electrical ≥100,000 operations(resistance load:250VAC~3A)
Dielectric Strength Between all terminals and case:3000VAC~50/60Hz for 1 min
Vibration 0.75mm amplitude at frequency 5 to 55Hz(for 1 min.)in each X, Y, and Z direction for 2 hours
Insulation Resistance ≥100MΩ(500VDC ==megger)
Noise Immunity ±2kv square shaped noise(pulse width lμs)by noise simulator R-phase,S-phase
Memory Retention ≈10 years(non-volatile semiconductor memory type)
Ambient Temp. 10~50°℃ storage: -20~60℃(no freezing or condensation
Ambient Humi. 35%~85%RH storage: 35%~85%RH(no freezing or condensation)




  • Large character LED display
  • Diameter depth 75mm
  • DIN Multiple standard sizes (W 48 x H 48, W 48 x H 96, W 72 x H 72, W 96 x H 48, W 96 x H 96 mm)
  • 100-240V worldwide working power supply
  • Support a variety of Thermocouple/RTD input switching
  • Support ℉ / ℃ temperature unit switch
  • Support Relay /SSR output switching
  • Support one key to restore factory settings
  • Enhanced PID+ control algorithm
  • Automatic calculation function
  • Display error correction function
  • Heating/cooling mode selectable
  • 12 alarm modes selectable

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