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Waterproof IP67 Single Output Switching Power Supply AC 95-264V DC 12V 24V 36V 48V 35W LED Driver

XLG-35W series meet the energy-saving requirements of the new generation of LED lighting, providing a cost-effective solution for various LED lighting. It’s a waterproof AC DC LED Drive power supply, with constant voltage, constant current, constant power output design, using the international common AC input voltage range, the whole series to provide 12V,24V,36V and 48V output.

It adopts fully protective aluminum shell, fully filled with glue, suitable for dry, humid, rain environment, in line with IP65/IP67 protection grade, indoor/outdoor can be installed. The product has been full load burning machine test by 100% to achieve high efficiency, long life and high reliability.

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Model XLG-35-12 XLG-35-24 XLG-35-36 XLG-35-48
DC output voltage 12V 24V 36V 48V
Rated output current 3A 1.5A 1A 0.75A
Constant current range 6~12V 12~24V 18~36V 24~48V
Output power 36W 36W 36W 36W
Wave and noise 180mVp-p 180mVp-p 200mVp-p 200mVp-p
Voltage accuracy ± 3% ± 2% ± 1% ± 1%
Line regulation ± 0.5% ± 0.5% ± 0.5% ± 0.5%
Load regulation ± 2% ± 1% ± 0.5% ± 0.5%
Start, rise, hold time 500ms,80ms,16ms/230VAC  (at full load)
Input voltage range 95 ~264VAC,135 ~373VDC
Frequency range 47 ~ 63Hz
AC input current 0.35A/230VAC
Efficiency 86.5% 87.5% 87.5% 88.5%
Impulse current Cold start current   25A/230VAC
Leakage current <1mA/240VAC
Overcurrent protection 95%~108% of the rated output current starts overcurrent limit,
recover automatically after abnormal conditions are removed
Short circuit protection Hiccup mode: recover automatically normal output after abnormal conditions are removed
Working temperature -20℃~ +60℃
Working humidity 20% ~90% RH, non condensing
Storage temperature and humidity -40℃~ +85℃;10% ~95% RH,non condensing
Seismic resistance 10~500Hz,,3G 10min/ 1 cycle,X, Y, Z axes,duration 60 minutes
Pressure resistance I/P~O/P:1.5KVAC    I/P~FG:1.5KVAC    O/P~FG:0.5KVAC
Isolation resistance I/P~O/P,I/P~FG,O/P~FG: 100M Ohms/500VDC/25℃/70%RH
Safety standard Compliance to UL60950-1,TUV EN60950-1,IP67
Electromagnetic compatibility
Compliance to EN55022 Class A
Electromagnetic compatibility immunity Compliance to EN55024
Dimension 182*30*20mm (L*W*H)
Packing 0.22kg/80pcs/18.5kg/0.025 cubic meters

Application: Street Lighting,Wall washer lamp,Bay light,Fishing lights,Floodlight,Plant lighting,Building Lighting,Electronic instruments, equipment and devices.

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